Aja is a 10-piece ensemble that recreates the sounds of one of rock’s most legendary and enigmatic bands with stunning precision and energy.

Aja has played many shows and developed a devoted following of Dan fans that love to dance the night away to “Reelin’ in the Years” and “My Old School” as much as they love to sit wide eyed and smiling while listening to faithful recreations of “Caves of Altamira” and “Deacon Blues”. The magic of a group like Aja is that they combine the overwhelming collection of musical talent and skill that comes from a personnel comprised of the most versatile and in demand players in the area, with a tremendous reverence for the material of Steely Dan. This results in an attention to detail regarding the complex and nuanced recordings of the classic Steely Dan arrangements complemented by plenty of freedom to stretch out and bring a personal touch to the material in a live setting. And the fans LOVE it! Aja is available for concert performances and festivals worldwide and can deliver up to 3 hours of Steely Dan classics and album favorites.

For sound and video clips, check out their website at ajamusic.net

photo by Courtney Wheeler
photo by Courtney Wheeler

“…wonderful, fantastic….I have played with many of the Steely Dan tribute bands and Aja is certainly the finest. I think they play as well or better than the Steely Dan touring groups I have seen and heard. They have the groove, chops, feel and an obvious love for this music…This is a must see band and you can quote me on that Mr. Jon….”  Steely Dan drummer, Bernard Purdie

“AJA has it together! If you are a fan of the music of Steely Dan, you gotta check this band out. They are tight, groovin, on top of the material, and everyone listening (including the band) seems to be having a great time. It was a pleasure to be able to sit in with them. I look forward to the next time.”  – Saxophonist Jeff Coffin  (Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones)

“I had really big expectations that our audience would love them and boy, did they make me look like a genius. People were knocking me over to let me know that this band was the greatest thing they had ever seen in Troy. …I am still being approached with big happy smiles and passion for this group.” — Terrilynn Meece Troy-Hayner Cultural Center Troy, OH

“(Aja)… is one of the best Steely Dan tribute bands on the planet.”  — Andy Sedlak MusicWriter, Active Dayton

For booking info, please contact colloquymusic@gmail.com

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