Colloquy Music offers both management and booking services.   We are quite selective with whom we enter into these agreements — and you should be selective too.  A booking agent, and even more so, a manager is part of your team as much as a band member is.  So, both parties ought to be selective before entering into such an agreement.  If you are interested in seeking a manager or booking agent, contact us.   Be sure to include links to your website, social media pages, and video.

We also offer consulting services.  For example, we can help you create a crowd-funding campaign plan, a broad career plan (short term or long term), social media, research, or help source vendors (such as suggesting an entertainment lawyer, photographer, publicist, or engineer).

Finally, for those not interested in having an exclusive booking agent, but who would like to be included on our roster of performers for those seeking diverse talent, reach out to us.  Again, send us links to where we can hear your work, and ideally, include a link to a video performance.

We look forward to talking with you to discuss how to take your career to the next level!